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Established in 1998, QuarryCut helped pioneer the thin cut stone industry. More economical than 6" stone – and more enduring than imitation veneers – our products are beautiful, easy to install and add lasting value to any home. Never dyed, never treated with chemicals, our genuine stone is a treasure for the ages, all locally sourced and never imported.

We own or have exclusive rights to our quarries – which ensures superior pricing and unmatched attention to detail. Our mountains yield exquisite varieties of color and shape, allowing us to complement any taste, any style, anywhere in the U.S. No wonder you'll find our magnificent stone throughout the East Coast, as far away as California and many places in between. We've also mastered packaging and trucking to get our products delivered quickly and efficiently.

Come see what our stone can do for you.

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Our products are made from real stone. Because it's a natural material, our products are offered without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability for a particular purpose.

Variations in color, texture, cleft and size will occur. Samples, sales materials, photos and digital images are taken to represent our products as accurately as possible but may differ from the product actually received.

Laboratory tests are performed on a sample of each particular product. These tests accurately report the specifications of the stone sampled and will generally reflect the specifications found on the majority of that product, but due to the variance in natural stone formations, these specifications may not be reflective of all the stone you receive.

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