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QuarryCut thin stone is beautiful, natural and durable. Best of all, it’s available in a countless array of colors, shapes, and styles. You can blend hues, add a special touch with mortar, and design the look of your dreams.

As you enjoy the wonderful stone veneer installations found throughout this website, please remember that we can create almost anything using real thin cut stone. So, if you love a certain shade or shape, it can be installed wherever you want.

40% Dark / 40% Brown / 20% Plum

40% Split Field / 30% Brown / 30% Dark

50% Dark / 50% Brown



Crystal Creek


Dark Forrest

Dark Mica

Heritage Tan

Hershey Point

35% Mica Blend / 35% Crystal Creek / 30% Blue Stone

High Point

50% Dark Mica / 50% Manchester

Historic Boston

40% Dark Mica / 30% Heritage Tan / 30% Crystal Creek

Hudson Granite



Mica Blend

North Woods

25% Brown / 25% Dark / 25% Huntsville / 25% Dark Mica

Ohio White

Old Philadelphia

50% Mica Blend / 50% Crystal Creek

Pine Lake


Rustic Ridge

South Bay Granite

Split Field

Split Grey

Split New England

Blue Castle


New England

Blue Stone


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Nothing says forever like genuine stone from QuarryCut. Available in an opulent array of colors and shapes, only stone dazzles the senses with its spectacular beauty and incomparable style. Breathe new life into your exterior spaces or bring the wonder indoors. With thin cut stone, it’s easier than you think.

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